Electrician & Electrical Contractor Ottawa

The MacMar Electric Company Profile

MacMar Electric is located in the heart of Almonte, ON in the Ottawa valley. Our experienced team of electricians and electrical contractors are committed to providing quality services that are affordable.

Safety First

Working with electricity is dangerous and our team understands this. That is why we take every safety precaution possible to ensure our team and your building is safe.

Skilled Electricians

Our licensed and red seal electricians have all the necessary experience to complete your job in a timely and effective manner. Each electrician has thousands of hours on site.

Honest Pricing

You won’t find a company that provides you with a more honest and fairer quote. Even if this requires delivering bad news, we would rather you have all the info at your disposal.

Trustworthy Team

When you hire MacMar Electric, you can rest assured our team has you covered. We work sunup to sundown to ensure the best work for all our client’s day in and day out.

What MacMar Stands For

We provide high quality residential and commercial electrical services at affordable prices for consumers and business owners in the Ottawa Area.

Our Head Office

Located in the small town of Almonte, Ontario, MacMar Electric is perfectly situated to handle jobs in The Valley and Ottawa Area.