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Whether you own a single-family home or an industrial warehouse, our team of skilled residential and commercial electricians can handle your job. Our electrical contractors go through intensive training on a regular basis to ensure they are staying safe and working efficiently.
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Recent Commercial & Residential Electrical Projects

We have completed a wide range commercial and residential jobs within the Ottawa area. From a panel upgrade to a full house rewiring and everything in between, MacMar Electric is the electrical contractor for you!

High Voltage Electrician Ottawa

Everyone wants their homes and offices up and running without any interference or electrical issues but there is always one. Your electrical system is always vulnerable to blackouts with low voltage power supply. In addition to that you need a professional electrician for faulty installations, unprotected wiring, tripping breakers, flickering lights, and more. You might experience these conditions due to the long distance from the power station.

The optimal solution to a power loss in your residence or office is to have your electrical system upgraded to high voltage by our proficient commercial electricians. We take full responsibility for perfectly installing, maintaining, and repairing complex electrical systems at the commercial level for shopping malls, warehouses, office blocks, and more.

Our electrical contractors are fully trained and aware of the electrical codes and regulations of the work field. As a High Voltage commercial electrician, we assess the site and gather needed information, measurements, and requirements to proceed with an upgrade to an existing wiring system.

The high voltage setting is beneficial for your use of devices like

  • Heating and Cooling System
  • Backup generators/UPS
  • Isolation Transformer
  • Voltage Regulator
  • Vehicle Charger

As these devices can malfunction at low voltage but with high voltage and high potential energy and under great maintenance service these will work just fine.

Pole Line Contractor Ottawa

We are proud of our pole line construction service when it comes to installing new pole lines in Ottawa areas or repairing old ones at cost-efficient rates. We provide a smooth torque profile and smoother speed regulation and offer reduced commutation sparking. So, your energy supply remains uninterrupted within your telecommunication lines.

Our commercial contractors are inclined toward safety and provide demanded quality results. We take into consideration your construction requirements and material choices to come up with an expert suggestion.

We offer a variety of pole construction types starting from wood to concrete, and steel. We as experienced commercial contractors are trained in distancing conductors from the ground parts and results to expect from the particular pole line setting.

We have been serving the electrical field and power lines including substations, fiber optics, underground trenching, transmission power lines, and distribution power lines.